Flytande naturgas, även benämnt med den engelska förkortningen LNG (liquefied natural gas), är naturgas som omvandlats till flytande form för transport eller 


This guide and interactive spreadsheet provides a number of useful conversion factors to help you calculate energy consumption in common units and to work out the greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use.

CO2 ekv WTW, Uppgift saknas. Partiklar, 0,0003 g/km vid Energianvändning, 124 kWh/100km Tankvolym, 39 kg fordonsgas Förmånsvärde per månad, 4 982 SEK Hitta lastbilar – över 3,5 ton – som kan gå på el, gas eller etanol. av S Roos · Citerat av 1 — fossil energy sources, such as oil, coal and natural gas (IPCC, 2014). Reduction of high greenhouse gas emissions per kWh produced, see Figure 1.

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Vid bränsle- Koldioxidutsläpp är antaget att vara 124 gram CO2 per kWh (2013). Anthropogenic and natural. av J Chen · 2020 · Citerat av 8 — Oktoberfest is a potential source for CH4 as a high amount of natural gas for (2013)) and is estimated to have a global warming potential that is 28 to 34 times larger than that of CO2 The use of energy added up to 2.9 million kWh of electricity and 200,937 m3 Mgas,total = 0.668kgm−3 · 200,937m3 = 1.34 · 105 kg. av J Gode · 2005 — SEK/ton motsvarar en okning i elproduktionskostnaden pa ca 12-25 ore/kWh el. iii the total European CO2 emissions of 3 Gton per year. Several natural gas field in the North Sea. CO2-mangd som slapps ut trots avskiljning, kg/MWh.

Note: 44/12 or 3.667 ton CO 2 emissions per ton C emissions Natural Gas = 121 lb/mcf = 117.1 lb/mmBtu = 50.3 kg/GJ Gasoline = 19.56 lb/gal = 156.4 lb/mmBtu = 67.2 kg/GJ

This equates to 4.008tCO 2 per annum, but excludes any contribution from oil, LPG or solid fuels. This typical value also excludes the distorting effect of a few very large or badly insulated homes, which increase the average (mean) value. Greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation Data Visualization Created 13 Nov 2020 Published 08 Dec 2020 Se hela listan på The CO 2 generated by burning natural gas is 0.185 kg / kWh.

On average, electricity sources emit 1.222lbs CO2 per kWh (0.0005925 metric tons CO2 per kWh). State CO2 emissions per kWh may vary greatly in accordance with the amount of clean energy in the

Kg co2 per kwh natural gas

Apr 4, 2014 Natural Gas (per scf). 0.001026 mmBtu g CH4 per mmBtu g N2O per mmBtu kg CO2 per gallon and fuel type assumed natural gas.

CO2 fossil mark skog mark odlad. CO2 business activities have on natural resources and ecosystem services. modell) per 1 kWh av LCA data SE _32 'Electricity, gas, steam and hot water supply SE Utsläppen av PFC och HFC per kg aktivitets utgång härleds.
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Here are the CO2 emissions of various types of heating system. You can see that there is a distinctly renewable end to the graph with wood logs, wood pellets, and heat pumps way ahead of the fossil fuels because of their low CO2 emissions. The average carbon coefficient of natural gas is 14.46 kg carbon per mmbtu (EPA 2013). The fraction oxidized to CO2 is 100 percent (IPCC 2006). 1 MMBtu = 28.263682 m3 of natural gas (see 1 MW is 1 MJ/sec.

CH4 (+CO2) CH4+H2O (+CO2) Natural gas consumpton 21 Nm3/h.
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Natural gas emits about half the carbon emissions of coal (about 1.22 lb CO2 per kWh electricity) … Wind and solar energy … generate negligible carbon emissions – … [In terms of electricity] Coal releases 2.2 pounds, petroleum releases 2.0 pounds, and natural gas releases 0.9 pounds.

Diesel fuel. 2.68 per litre. Petrol. 2.31 per litre.

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av S Roos · Citerat av 1 — fossil energy sources, such as oil, coal and natural gas (IPCC, 2014). Reduction of high greenhouse gas emissions per kWh produced, see Figure 1. This will 

av K Johansson — much greenhouse gases as granulated tyres category. The results are expressed as kg CO2-equivalents per functional unit.